Video Watermark

 Add text or image watermark to videos
 Easily set the start and end point of watermark
 Adjust the font and transparency of watermark
 Output video files in various formats
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  • How to add watermarks to video
  • We often need to add watermarks of text or images to videos when we upload them to the internet. You can easily add watermarks following the steps below.
  • 1. Click icon 1 to

    add text watermark

    and adjust the position manually.
  • 2. Click icon 2 to add image watermark and adjust the position manually.
  • 3. Click icon 3 to clear the watermark.
  • 4. Determine duration of watermark by setting the start and end point.
  • 5. Adjust the transparency by dragging the slider.
  • 6. Click "Font" to select the style and size of the text.
  • 7. After making changes, select the output format you need and click "Start" to begin processing.