• Data Protection - Data Security Management
  • We are also not only limited to a conventional hard drive. External devices like flash drives and external hard drives can be encrypted by idoo disc encryption software, too.
  • In this article, I will address the confidentiality aspect of data security: Making sure protected data can only be accessed by authorized people or systems.
  • Today, file level encryption is broadly recognized. However, this process allows unauthorized customers to obtain some file names, access occasions, as well as obtain areas of files from temporary and disk swap files. idoo Full Disk encryption adopts the file encryption plan in line with the Physical Sector level, it may secure all data around the hard disk drive, such as the operating-system. Unauthorized customers cannot access any files around the hard disk drive. Within the encoded disk, there aren't any files or file names that may be seen without using your password.
  • When you frist run idoo

    full disc encryption

    , the consumer must secure the disk by initializing. This can encipher all of the data around the disk. This process will take a moment. Following the initialization, once the user accesses the information around the encoded disk, this

    hard disk encryption software

    will instantly decipher the data. The consumer will then browse the decrypted files normally. Once the user creates data to the disk, idoo Full Disk Encryption will encipher and keep information concurrently. It allows customers to have their usage habits while keeping optimal computer performance.
  • How to encrypt my HDD
  • Full Disk Encryption software
  • 1. Select the system drive or the drive you want to protect from "Local Disks".
  • 2. Click Button "Encrypt" and input the encryption password.
  • 3. For the first time, it will take a few minutes to encrypt all data, please be patient.
  • 4.Reboot the computer to finish the process of hard disk encryption. (Learn More)
  • If you just need to set the access authority of users to files, file folders, hard disks and operating system, such as to lock, hide, deny read/delete, or to remote monitor your PC, idoo File Encryption would be a helpful tool.