• The reason why you'll need idoo file lock pro? Many people use their PCs in a shared in environment with their members of the family, coworker or friends etc. But sometimes, You would like set some authorizations to ensure that you can hide some files, folders and hard drives or actually restrict access to them. idoo File Encrytion is the most advanced and easiest file protection software. Using this tool, nobody can access or damage our personal information without password and we will never worry about data theft by malicious behavior and privacy leaks on shared computer.
  • Main Benefits
  • Hide Data
    idoo file lock software can hide your personal files, folders and drives, to make sure they are completely invisible to users and applications.
  • Lock Data
    The locked files/folders/drives are safe from access. You can not open, modify, copy, read, move, delete, or rename the protected files or folders without password. Files and sub-folders in the locked folder are also protected.
  • Encrypt Data

    file lock software

    can easily encrypt files and folders of any type.
  • Portable Encryption
    This tool can encrypt into an executable (.exe file or .gfl file) with 256 AES encryption algorithm. You can encrypt data by this way, and then send it over the network or by other means to be used on a computer without idoo File Encryption Software.
  • Safe Delete
    It helps you to completely remove computer data from your HDD by overwriting it many times with carefully chosen patterns. Nobody can recover deleted data from the drive if you ever securely delete it.
  • If you want to know more details, click on "How To Use idoo File Lock".
  • How to lock the files, folds and drives?
  • file lock
  • Using locked files options, you are able to lock the files, folders, and hard drives that you would like to choose. If you want to use the files, you must enter the correct password to open the file.
  • After the data is locked, the data will be banned. Using the "Write Deny" feature, we are not allowed to modify the file.
  • If we need to protect our PC by setting boot password, please try this idoo Full Disk Encryption Software.