• File And Folder Encryption
  • Encryption software protects the our file and folder. It protects the data when it's sitting on our computers and in data centers, and it protects it when it's being transmitted around the Internet. It protects our movie, documents, pictures or anything.
  • This protection is really important for anyone. It protects our data from hackers. It protects it from competitors, and family members. Encryption software protects it from malicious attackers, so it protects it from accidents.
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  • idoo File Encryption is a

    file and folder encryption software

    that can provide comprehensive and flexible protection to your personal files and file folders, and you can lock, hide ,encrypt, deny read or write files and folders according to your needs. Authority settings allows you to encrypt or hide your hard drive easily.
  • But that is not all. This file and folder encryption software is packed together with superb features you may find incredibly useful. Such as, when someone tries to log in over and over again without the correct code, it will send an email alert. In the same time, it shuts down to prevent further attempts.
  • What's more it offer you a unique function to perfectly monitor all your file and folder. You receive a complete record concerning all accesses to your files and the running of programs. One quick check lets you know when any unauthorised access has taken place. You will immediately follow up and stop access before huge damage can happen.
  • If you want to protect file and folder on USB drive, idoo USB Encryption Software can easily protect your data. we can easily divide the USB memory into two separate areas, the safe area and the public area. The secure area can be only accessed by inputting the right password, while the public area need not, and it is the same as any USB drive that are not encrypted. More than convenient, the encrypted USB drive can be used on any PC without installing extra applications, and what we need is to remember the password. Once the encrypted USB drive were lost or lent to someone else, the data in secure area cannot be accessed unless people's got the correct code.
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  • If you are worried that the file is not safe enough when your computer is not with us, or need to be repaired, all the files and folders in the computer are exposed to others. idoo Full Disk Encryption software does this - it encrypts the whole drive, not only a few files or folders. It offers encryption for all the hard disks, just like system disk. The password protects drives, system disk and OS, as well as the grogram disables any unauthorized reading or writing, or any unauthorized access to your security system or any files. It provides automatic security for all information stored in hard drives, this includes files, folders, operating system files, temporary and erased data. For maximum data safeguards, the authentication before launch the system ensures the user identity, and avoids data breach even been stolen or lost. It has a easy to use interface and is easy to use. As soon as encoded, all data in the on the HDD would be fully protected. Encrypting the pc's hard drives keeps a person's data far from prying eyes, even if the computer is stolen. You are also not simply restricted to a traditional hard disk. External devices including USB disk drives and external hard drives may be password-protected by idoo disk encryption software, too.
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